I’m still working up to Zentangle Inspired Art in a larger format, but here are a few things and a work in progress. . .

iPad covers:

iPad mini coveriPad mini, IdentipeniPad coveriPad, micron and Identipen

Starbucks cup:

starbucks cup 1  starbucks cup 2  starbucks cup 3

one of those $1 reusable cups, used Identipen

Canvas bag:

canvas bag


 card with zedbra, pufflebirthday cardbirthday card - insidecard - frame1card frame - 2card frame - 3

these are done on cardstock from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby

My Zentangle bags:rolling bag

a big rolling bag my sister gave me for xmas, used a metallic micron pen, the sparkly doesn’t show up well in this pic

small bag

smaller bag, you can see I was trying to copy Maria Thomas’ version of my name. Her’s is much more flowing but it was good practice.

Small box:

                                small box small box 2

a small box i printed out on cover stock, folded, then tangled the parts separately before gluing it all together

Work in progress:ZIA

started this on a piece of light brown cover stock I found. . . I like it so much I’m afraid to finish it!  not very zentangle of me, but there it is!


9 piece ensemble

a pre-strung set of 9 tiles, you do each tile individually without looking at the other tiles and see what happens!