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Bunches of Classes in Albuquerque!

Bunches of Classes in Albuquerque!

It’s been a while since we had some brand new classes, but we’ve been busy developing new and exciting ideas along with finding new places to have classes. Here’s our class schedule between now and Feb 2016:

October 29, Thursday, 1pm-3:30pm Zentangle 401- Zentangle in the Round: Zendalas 
NEW LOCATION! Scraps Galore! 7600 Jefferson NE Suite #8
(Great location at a very nice scrapbook store, they carry a wide variety of scrapbooking supplies, stamps, stencils, papers, pens and books AND will give our students 10% off on any purchases the day of class) Cost: $42 to sign up call Scraps Galore! at 505-858-1080 to register and prepay. 
November 7, Saturday 10am-12:30pm Zentangle 101-The Basics at Scraps Galore 7600 Jefferson NE Suite #8.  If you are interested in Zentangle this is the class for you.  Zentangle 101 is the pre-requisite for all of our other classes. Cost: $42 to sign up call Scraps Galore! at 505-858-1080 to register and prepay. 
November 11, Wednesday 10am-3pm Zentangle on Fabric: Totes and Bags  at Bob’s Sew ’n Vac on Alameda  We love this location, lots of room, big tables, bright and they have irons and ironing boards for heat setting the fabric.  This is the NEW CLASS that you have been waiting for if you have taken all (or any) of our other classes, come join us for a lot of fun with new tangles and techniques.  This is more of a workshop than a regular Zentangle class. Cost: $60 to sign up, click on the classes page and prepay using the PayPal button.
small fabric bag

Here’s a teaser. . .

December 3, Thursday 1:30p-4:30p Zentangle Holiday Mini-Workshop at Scraps Galore!  7600 Jefferson NE Suite #8.  We’ll be making Zentangle Holiday cards and ornaments plus more!  Cost: $52 to sign up call Scraps Galore! at 505-858-1080 to register and prepay. 
December 19, Saturday 11:30a-2pm  De-Stress Tangle Time at Scraps Galore!  7600 Jefferson NE Suite #8.  Come tangle with us and relax during the hectic holiday season, take some down time for yourself.  We’ll have some new tangles for you and surprises as well.  Cost $32 to sign up call Scraps Galore! at 505-858-1080 to register and prepay. 
January 16, Saturday 1:30-3:30pm Zentangle 501- Zentangle Garden: Organic Tangles at Scraps Galore! Lots of new ‘organic’ tangles and techniques.  Cost $52 to sign up call Scraps Galore! at 505-858-1080 to register and prepay. 
So put these dates on your calendar and watch for more info to come on all of these classes.  If you’re sure about attending any of them, let us know so we can put you on the list as some of the classes will have limited space available, and we need a minimum number as well. (you can always email us: dmyork1(at)me(dot)com.  

Tile for Amber

Tile for Amber

We drove five hours to outside of Payson AZ a couple of weeks ago for a memorial. I had wanted to make something for her brother but had not had time. So before we got there, I took my emergency Zentangle kit and made this tile while riding in the car. I started with tangles that begin with letters of her name, but somehow got off track. .  .  but the idea is there.  They put up a small alter outside in the beautiful desert forest and a glass hummingbird high in a pine tree.  This was my small offering for Amber:




Renaissance Tile Class

Renaissance Tile Class

Saturday we taught a ZT601 – Renaissance tiles class. There is a lot of new information in this class including new pens, new colors, new tangles and drawing and shading techniques.  We really crammed a lot into 2 hours with this class and look what they did!!

tan tile 1

Renaissance Tile 1

tan tile 2

Renaissance Tile 2

A couple of the ladies had to leave before we took the second picture so we’re missing their beautiful work.  Didn’t they do a wonderful job! We had a lot of fun, too.

Up next. . . a Zentangle on Fabric class which I guess we will call ZT701. . . the next in the series.  Plus we will need to go back and fill in with a couple of classes that we’ve missed like Zendalas – Tangling in the Round, and Organic Tangles Workshop.  Keep a watch on the classes page for new classes to be posted as soon as we can schedule the dates and locations.

Class in Sonoma

Class in Sonoma

Last week I was invited to present Zentangle in a four hour workshop to some good friends who attend a business conference with their spouses. There were seven wonderful ladies, some I have known for a long time and some new friends.  My sister and I put together a Special Activities Workshop and combined our ZT101-The Basics, ZT202-Bijou and Beyond, and ZT301-White on Black classes into four hours.  The first two hours consisted of the regular ZT101 tiles and the background and history of Zentangle.  The next two hours we did a Bijou tile and made a frame for it on a black tile with slits cut into it for the Bijou tile.  Here are the beautiful results and a class picture:

Class bags

Sonoma Goodie Bags

sonoma class pic

Class Picture – Sonoma 9/28/15

tile 1

Sonoma 9/28/15 Tile 1

tile 2

Sonoma 9/28/15 Tile 2

bijou and black

Sonoma 9/28/15 Bijou & Black (with some sparkle)

These ladies really hung in there and created some beautiful artwork! Thanks so much for a wonderful time and for having me teach you this art form!