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A Wonderful Zentangle 101 Class, a Bear, and some lines. . .

A Wonderful Zentangle 101 Class, a Bear, and some lines. . .

What a great class! In spite of a couple of technical difficulties. . . everyone was so patient and understanding. . . and helpful!  And look at the beautiful tiles they made:

Tile 1

Zentangle101 6/10/15

Tile 2

Zentangle101 6/10/15

It was so cool to have families take our classes together.  It’s something they can all do together even after the class, plus they may want to take additional classes also.  We’re hoping to have some advanced classes scheduled soon.

Here’s a little bit of what I’ve been working on lately.  I found this sweet bisque bear at Target and It called out to me to take him home and tangle him. . . I think he’s done. . . never really sure.  Waiting for him to say.

bear 1

Bear 2015

bear 2

Bear 2

bear 3

Bear 3

bear 4

Bear 4

and another piece. . . on a 5 x 5 artist board 7/8″ thick.  I have really been enjoying drawing lines lately, almost completely filled a small journal with tangles of just lines, some like this.  For some reason, it’s very satisfying. And I think it’s good practice for many tangles, it loosens up the hand, reminds me to draw slowly and think about every line I’m making. Try it and let me know what you think.