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Another wonderful class:

Another wonderful class:

We had yet another great class last Saturday.  A small one but a fun one.  I keep having problems with my document camera, but once we got it going . . . we got going.  Here are some pictures of our Zentangle 202- Beyond the Basics, and Bijou, too,

ZT202 3/14/15

ZT202 Class


our first monotangle: Purk


monotangle: Betweed


Monotangle: Flux, tipple, aura, fescue

Framed bijoux tiles

Monotangle in frame

It’s always amazing to see how everyone does a different version of their tangle.  All with the same instruction, same tools, etc.  I love the variations and learn something from each class.  Beautiful!  We especially enjoy having a mom and son ‘team’ with us.

So, we’re looking forward to planning our next classes.  We are attending Tangle U next month in Santa Fe.  Over 100 Zentangle teachers will be there. . . and we expect to come home with some amazing new ideas filling our heads.  These people are so inspiring, I just hope we can narrow it down to a few classes, there will be so many possibilities.  Plus we will need to have some 101 classes, too in order to get some new people interested in this wonderful art form.

See you in April after Tangle U. I should have a lot to post about then, along with a new class schedule.  Thanks for being patient, it should be worth it!