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Zentangle 501 Class – Organic Tangles

Zentangle 501 Class – Organic Tangles

We had a blast Saturday making some Zentangle Gardens.  It was our first 3 hour class and the time went by so fast.  We taught a lot of new tangles, and got started putting them on gray toned Strathmore sketch paper.  Some got farther along than others, but some of the scratch sheets had beautiful drawings on them as well.  Just so pleased to see what everyone has done.  We spent quite a long time putting this class together because we didn’t want to disappoint our wonderful students who have been to all of our classes!  Here’s a pic of the tangled gardens when we made them quit so we could look at all of them together.


Zentnagle Organic Tangle Garden

Looks like the consensus for the next class is Renaissance Tiles.  We’ll do some sepia, black and white on the tan tiles.  Can’t wait to put that one together.  Here’s a sample of what we might do:


This is a very fun look to create, very satisfying.

We are working with Bob’s Sewing and Vacuum to schedule our next ZT101 class so we can get new students interested in the Zentangle method.  But we’ll put this Renaissance class in the schedule soon.  We also have some classes scheduled in Santa Fe starting in January, so please check the Classes page regularly as we update it as new classes are scheduled.

Oh, and hope everyone has a great holiday, however you may celebrate it.  And a wonderful New Year to all.

Great Classes!

Great Classes!

We had a couple of great classes on Saturday, in Santa Fe at Guadalupe’s Fun Rubber Stamps.  Here are the tiles from both classes.  Thanks to all who came!


Zentangle 101-what creativity in the first tile!



Zentangle 101 second tiles- just wow! Look at all the unique takes on the same instruction. Love ’em!


Zentangle 201- we tried a new technique and used Bijou tiles in a regular tile frame. So much fun!