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Finally, I’m Back

Finally, I’m Back

After more than a month of not being able to pick up a pen and draw a line. . . I don’t even want to go into why. . . I was able to finish a tile last night.  I’ll post that later, but for now am going to post my entries for the Diva’s Challenge this week: ING, the new tangle from Molly Hollibaugh of Zentangle HQ. It’s a very lovely, easy, and versatile tangle that I just love. It’s my kind of tangle. I did these a while back, before my zentangle ‘vacation’:


On a Bijou tile (2″ x 2″), Ing, nipa, zinger, fescue


Ing with various fillers and enhancements, and some bijou


Ok, I’ll post the tiles I did the last couple of nights, not great, but was able to get myself back into drawing.  The first is credited to Margaret Bremner as I was using her step outs to the tangle: wud  and just ended up using a lot of her tangles and style, which I love and wish I could do justice to. She makes everything look so elegant and easy.  The second is just a jumble. . .


starring: knustler, zedbra, coaster, gingham, wud, paradox, sanibel, and a bijou


Tangles: yah, viaduct, flameta, thing in the middle of another thing (I abbreviate it to: titmoat)


Thanks for visiting. Don’t forget to look at the other post for today to see the beautiful tangles that our Zendala class did last Saturday. . .

Any and all comments are greatly appreciated.

New ZT401 Class – Zendalas

New ZT401 Class – Zendalas

We had a wonderful class last Saturday at Michael’s. Four very talented ladies took our Zendala class. We did two Zendalas on pre-strung tiles, one black and one white. Here are the beautiful results:


ZT401 Zendala Tile 1 Prestrung Zendala Tile using: tipple, striping, angelfish, beadlines


ZT401- Tile 2 Prestrung black Zendala tile using: crescent moon, finery, bales (var.), tips, and orbs/tipple

This class was so much fun in spite of the fact that our projector just doesn’t do well in a very well lit room.  So, because of the small classroom and number of tangles, we were able to do the class at each table.  Wish we could do every class that way!