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(half)circles as strings

(half)circles as strings

The Diva’s challenge #169 is to use circle(s) as strings.  This one was finished a few days ago and uses the edge of a zendala tile to make the strings. . . does that count?  half circles?  Hey, I used a circle to make the circles. . . ha! Well, if I get another one finished this week I’ll post it, too.  The second tile was done a few months ago, in the style of one I saw and admired while spending way too much time surfing the web rather than making my own art! It almost came out the way I envisioned. . . that hardly ever happens.


starring: cruffle, meer, footlites, buttercup, zander, paradox, beadlines. and there’s a little line of a zigzag filler, I’m not sure it has a name.


ok, i’m not going to name them all, a few are coaster, zander, buttercup, copada, web.

Thanks for checking in. . . and special thanks to those who take time to leave me a comment!! Makes my day!

Yellow Rain plus. . .

Yellow Rain plus. . .

The Diva’s challenge #168 is to use Rain and tangelations of it.  I was ‘practicing’ on a yellow square with a blue fine line pen and was going to re-do it on a zentangle tile, but ran out of time and energy for this.  So finished it up with a black micron and will post it to the challenge as is.  Go check out the link to the challenge and look at all the beautiful work using rain.


rain and tangelations such as: birds on a wire, ‘nzeppel, and paradox


here is one I did a couple of days ago and like much better:


btl joos, ‘nzeppel, verve, beadlines, and telis on a renaissance tile with brown pens, white pencil and black micron.

well. . . punzel. . .

well. . . punzel. . .

The Diva’s Challenge #167 is to use Well and Punzel in a DuoTangle. I was using those pens I talked about in the previous post and must have picked up the greenish one to touch up a bit. . . didn’t notice until I took a picture of it. Oh “well” that’s the way it goes. . . still going to post it for the challenge.  I love Punzel/changing, and Well is one of the most versatile tangles out there. I opted to use the grid, and the flower-ish version, but made the starting circles off center so it looks a little wonky. There are some very beautiful and inspiring pieces on the Diva’s challenge page, you should check them out.



Tangles: Well, Punzel. Used uni-ball blx pens, white pen, black micron, and a fabrico grey pen to shade. Done on a piece of brown card stock.


News! This just in. . .

News! This just in. . .

A few weeks ago, I decided to bite the bullet and enter some of my Zentangle work in a juried show. . . it’s local here in Placitas, but a lot of people will see it.  It’s called the Placitas Artist Series, or PAS. If accepted, the work of 4 artists will be shown for a month, in conjunction with a concert on one Sunday of the month.  Well. . . ta da! My work was accepted! I’ve done that show before with my scroll saw work, but had to set up and take it down the day of the concert. A lot of work for about 3 hour show.  So this will be much more fun.  Who knows how well it will go over, it’s not the usual kind of artwork they have, so we’ll see.  Anyway, it’s not until next March, so I have plenty of time to work on my tangles, and maybe some ZIA’s as well.

So, to celebrate, I bought a new set of pens at Office Max, they’re uni-ball vision elite blx. They say ‘black ink infused with color’.  Four pens, fine point.  Like I need more pens. . . must have a hundred of them.  But then, some people call me obsessive about certain things. . . who me? I’ve run out of plain zt tiles, but found a set of pre-strung tiles that I’ve had for a year or so and used one of them.  That was fun, not having to decide on a string. . . here’s the result:

fun with colored pens

Staring: marasu, black pearls, gingham, rixty and something with no name. . . around the marasu.


and a tile I did after the ZT201 class, on my last blank tile.  . .  to wind down and relax. . . (not to worry, have more tiles coming. . . ha!)


tangles used: fassett, maisie, logjam, divadance, sandswirls, gingham, paradox, panthe

Think I’ve had gingham on my mind. . . did so much knightsbridge, practicing to teach it for class, that this seems like a nice alternative. Love how forgiving it is if the lines aren’t quite straight and has a soft feel to it, like the cloth it resembles.  Thanks for reading! Love to see your comments!

Great Class!

Great Class!

We just had a wonderful Zentangle 201 class last Saturday at Bob’s Sewing & Vacuum! These ladies are awesome. . . look at the mosaics of their two tiles.  They learned several new tangles including: btl joos, bales, cadent, betweed, zander, crescent moon, mooka, flux and purk.  And tangle enhancers like highlights, sparkle, dewdrop and more shading techniques.  It was so much fun!  Can’t wait for the next class!  Thank you ladies!



ZT201 First tile: Btl Joos, Betweed, Bales, Cadent, Printemps (with sparkle)

may2014-201 2nd tile

ZT201 Second tile: Zander, Knightsbridge (with dewdrop), mooka, flux, and purk