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just a couple of zentangles

just a couple of zentangles

Not much to write. . . except that I find it hard to let myself sit down and tangle unless everything else on my to-do list is done.  It’s like not allowing myself to do something I enjoy because there are ‘more important’ things that I should be doing.  Think the solution to this dilemma is just to put ‘do a zentangle’ on my to-do list!  Maybe in several places!  What do you think?


a while back I took some wine from the bottom of a glass and brushed it on a tile, wish I had taken a ‘before’ pic. This was a Kathryn Kennedy Merlot 1999, very good as I remember. Starring: stitches, zander, shattuck, quib, ennies, btljoos, n’zeppel, borbs, avreal, coral seeds, and a zinger.


This is a (not exact) copy of a tile that Sandy Bartholomew has in her Alpha Tangles book. I thought it was so neat and appealed to me greatly. So I just did one like it, no thinking of strings or tangles. Was very relaxing and satisfying. Thanks Sandy!
Used: keeko, knightsbridge, hollibaugh, printemps, ennies, and pearlz.

Zentangle 101

Zentangle 101

We had a wonderful time with 8 wonderful people at Zentangle 101, held in Albuquerque at Bobs Sewing n Vacuum!  Thanks so much to Diane and Bruce for letting us hold the classes there. . . and run a little past closing time. . . oops.

Here are pics of the first and second tiles these artistic people did!  So beautiful and each one unique!  We had a major technical difficulty as the projector quit getting a signal after the first tangle, so we went low tech with paper and pen!


first time tangling for these wonderful people, artists, quilters, weavers, etc.


second tile – just beautiful work!

Our next Zentangle 101 class will be at the same location on Saturday April 12th, 1:30-3:30pm.  Class is getting close to being full so sign up if you’re in Albuquerque or the surrounding area.

way to relax. . .

way to relax. . .

just needed to slow down and relax my mind a little last night.  Getting ready to teach a couple of Zentangle 101 classes has me all wired up and in knots. So I started this last night and finished this am.  Was good to know it still works so I can ‘practice what I preach’ to classes!


tangles used: florz, dragonair, pokeleaf, cruffle, showgirl, mooka-ish, punzel, and a zinger