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Curvy gridlock. . .

Curvy gridlock. . .

This is for the Diva’s challenge #156: Curvy Gridlock.  It’s to use grid-type tangles on a curve.  The first one I did turned out terrible so am not posting it, but it used sindoo, so I still had it on my mind when I did this one.  Don’t usually meld tangle patterns, but when merryweather was finished, it just called out for sindoo,  so it’s really a tri-tangle tile. . .  I think the sindoo/merryweather needs a bit more contrast, but decided to leave it for now.


starring: merryweather, sindoo, lacy

final heart

final heart

ok, so I overdid the heart thing, but it was such fun!  I started this one before V-day and just finished it yesterday.  It’s about 8″ dia. from a beautiful template by Ben Kwok-ornation creations (find him on FaceBook, his templates are awesome and his artwork is indescribably intricate).  Hope you like it. . .


won’t even try to name all the tangles in here. . .

Classes Scheduled!

Classes Scheduled!

Two Zentangle 101 classes have been scheduled for March 8th and April 12th.  So if you live in or near Albuquerque, and want to take a basics class, check out the Classes tab and contact me to sign up! My sister, Karin, and I are very excited to have a place to teach.  Looks like it will be a great venue. Please come join us for some Zentangle fun! Plus you get two CZT’s for the price of one, what could be better?

Happy Hearts Day!

Happy Hearts Day!

I’ve been doing heart-tangles for weeks now.  It’s so hard to pick one or two for the Diva’s Challenge #154- Valentangles.  So I think that the first two are my favorites. . . enjoy and have a wonderful and loving Valentine’s Day!  If you want to see some of the other heart tangles, scroll down to a couple of older posts.  All of these are being given as gifts, so only have pictures to remember them by. . .


my mom got this one for V-day. She was thrilled! But then, she’s my mom!



something about this one I really like. maybe all the white space and the simplicity?



this one was just fun, my sister picked it for her V-day gift!


the new Luv-a tangle, and some mooka-hearts. watercolor pencils and sakura glitter pen.


more mooka-heart things and Helen Williams’ heartfully, watercolor pencils and red glitter pen.


so if the above are all ‘valentangles’ is this a ‘valendala’? started with a pre-strung zendala tile, added color with watercolor pencils.