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Aquafleur, the newest addition to the Official Zentangle Library, came out a couple of months ago, but was just recently released into the wild. . .  There are some amazing examples floating around out there.  And The Diva made it the challenge for this week, so go by there and look at the beautiful aquafleur pentangle and ZIA’s.  I’ve done a few, and tried one last night on the renaissance tile.  Just can’t seem to get the hang of them.  I worked and worked on the top ‘fleur’ and never got it to look right.


starring various aquafleur and zingers, plus some blobby thingies.

a few more examples:


Posted this a while back, but thought I’d put it in again for the Diva’s challenge.


in addition to aquafleur and mak-ra-mee, soccs, crescent moon, cubine


almost a mono-tangle with aquafleur, just a little tipple thrown in


splashed red wine on a tile, showing bales, warts and wobbles, beadlines, undling, aquafleur, and antidots

Happy 2014!

Happy 2014!

The Diva’s Challenge #149 this week is to celebrate the new year.  I’ve been messing around with some colored card stock the size of tiles and happened to pick up an orange one for this challenge:


Tangles used: leaflet, heartstrings, meer, printemps, florz, bales, flux, shattuck and a zinger. Used a black micron and a gold metallic sakura gellyroll pen.

the pencil shading doesn’t really do much on this kind of card stock. It won’t blend, just looks shiny.

Hope that your new 2014 is starting out well and just gets better and better!  Go create something, then share it, you’ll both feel great. . .