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“what’s the point?”

“what’s the point?”

the Diva’s challenge this week is Monotangle/Pointillism, and I loved it.  I see this used on many tiles instead of shading and love the effect, but never think to use it on my own designs.  So this was a wonderful practice.  Thanks Laura/Diva for the challenge.


Pointillism style with dyon and some zingers

thanks so much to everyone who left such nice comments on my last post.  this zentangle community is full of the nicest people . . .

Diva’s challenge and Viva Zentangle! retreat

Diva’s challenge and Viva Zentangle! retreat

When I got the Diva’s Challenge this week which is UMT (use my tangle) using 8s parte dos by Jane Eileen, I remembered that I had tried this tangle when it first came out.  It is much like Huggins, Mi2 and W2, but seems to require more concentration on my part to get the dots connected.  In case I don’t get a chance to do a ‘fresh’ one, I’m going to submit this one to the challenge since I really liked it for the most part.  It’s kind of off center. . . but that’s ok. Thanks to Laura and Jane for this challenge and pattern!

8s parte dos

starring: 8s parte dos, adente, coral seeds, and finery


Just returned from the Viva Zentangle! retreat in Las Vegas. There were about 27 CZT’s, and our hosts: Bette Abdu and Bette Beauregard, plus Beckah Krahula, Suzanne Wilka and a wonderful presentation by Sakura’s Sales Manager, Julia Reed. Came home with so many ideas, and no time to play until I get through the November Art shows for my woodworking art (which you can see here).  The retreat was absolutely wonderful. I was so busy the whole time trying new techniques that I didn’t take many pictures.  Here’s one of the little book we made thanks to Beckah who brought all the supplies and the wonderful binding techniques originally from Leonardo DaVinci’s handwritten journals which Beckah poured over and copied at the Vatican. . . yeah Beckah!


4″x4″ wood veneer cover, tangled with micron pens, glaze finish, paper variety, hand sewn binding. inside cover has beautiful paper pocket.


same as front but with different tangles


When I was at Hobby Lobby the other day I ran across this Sakura stardust pen, red glitter ink.  Had to have it.  Came home and did a whole tile using it.  Wish I had done it in time for the Diva’s challenge using color.


tangles: mirasu, florz, purk, cresent moon, myst, mooka, and a zinger
used a prestrung zentangle tile, red sakura stardust pen