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weekly challenge and contest entries

weekly challenge and contest entries

Just posting my entries to the Diva’s weekly challenge #128  and to Sandy Steen Bartholomew’s contest for her new tangle card decks which are based on her popular books.  The Diva’s challenge this week is to use two pencils to draw a string.  Check it out at: iamthediva   You can go to Sandy’s facebook page: BeezInk Studio to check out her contest, or google her website.


tangles used: puffle, orbs-la-dee, snail, kuke, fleez, birds on a wire, crescent moon, yew-dee, ornot, bauer



This contest is to use the tangle ANNEE, and I added some cruffle, poke leaf, florz, black pearls, crescent moon and springkle


planning vs growing

planning vs growing

after a year and a half of zentangle-ing, I’ve found there’s a difference between planning and growing a zentangle.  Whenever I think I have a plan and stick to it, the tile never quite meets my expectation, but when I let it ‘grow’ on it’s own and take off in whatever direction it wants to, I’m more pleased with the final result.  This tile was for The Diva’s challenge #127 to use Cirquital and Opus exclusively, a Duo-tangle.  So instead of starting and letting it grow, I had a plan. . . to do something like Ebony and Ivory (a previous challenge).  Well, it’s ok, but not very pleasing to me. . . but I’ll post it anyway.   You can check out The Diva’s challenge at: iamthediva


Duo-tangle with Cirquital and Opus

Rocks in my head!

Rocks in my head!

Sandy Steen Bartholomew has a new contest to give away some of her new tangle card sets. The first one is to use her tangle: Y.A.F  which stands for ‘yet another flower’.  It’s always been one of my favorite tangles. So, I was outside in the courtyard watering the flower pots and had been meaning to try tangling on rocks, found a nice one, tangled it, added color, then sprayed it with Deft gloss (which seems to make the ink run when I put too much on at one go). . .  Also, I tangled on both sides of the rock.  My intention is to do a few rocks, then put them back outside and see if anyone ever finds them. . . Surprise!!

YAF rock

starring: yaf, tipple, opus.

YAF rock - 2

starring: yaf and variations

another thing I’ve been working on this weekend, and think I will be for several more weekends . . .


too many tangles to name at this time. . .

Found this canvas apron on sale at Hobby Lobby for $5. It has an ‘artists loft’ emblem embroidered on the top pocket.  It has two quarter circle pockets. I put my name on the left pocket, and czt 9 on the right pocket because I expect to use this apron in classes.

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I guess it’s two-fer Wednesday. . . I also wanted to post my entry in The Diva’s challenge #126.  It is to use stencils for our string.  I started looking around and don’t really have any except some hearts and circles and that was just too plain. So I dug around and. . . long, long ago, in another lifetime, I used to be a computer programmer, and since I just can’t throw anything away, I found some old flowchart templates! Wow, what memories.  Here’s the template I used:


oooh, I missed the cool bracket thingies on the side of the template. . . some possibilities there for later.

Here’s the string I created:


anybody recognize those symbols. . . I’m not sure I remember what each of them is for either. . .  anyway, here’s what I did with it:

Diva Challenge #126

starring: checkered flag, twisted rope, nipa, ‘nzeppel, organza, pillows, paradox, knustler, pouf, spokes, kuke, verve, via

That was a fun challenge, although at first I didn’t think it would be. . . Thanks once again Laura.  Visit The Diva’s blog at: iamthediva

Jungle and Heat

Jungle and Heat

Here are a couple more tangle tiles that I’ve done recently. . .

I’d call this one “It’s a jungle out there” if I named them. . . I liked the way it started, but then seemed to get a bit busy towards the end. . . guess I just don’t know when to stop! But as with most tiles, I like parts of it more than others, and it’s the process isn’t it, not the outcome…  just like Zen teaches us.


starring: marasu, purk, florz, mooka, printemps, frondous, cubine, fescu, antidots


. . . and this one is called “Heat”, because that’s the Bright Owl’s Zedala Dare this week.  She challenged us to make a zentangle using her pattern and tangles that begin with the letters H E A T or H O T, because of the heatwave that’s occurring in her part of the country. . . and in ours too! Check out her blog at: The Bright Owl

Zendala Dare

using: Hurry, Eke, Archer, Trimonds