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Peabody Ducks

Peabody Ducks

We spent a couple of days at the Peabody Hotel in Orlando Fl last week.  My husband had a business meeting and I just wandered around, relaxed and tangled.  The Peabody is famous for it’s twice a day ‘duck walk’.  The Ducks are led from their Duck Palace to the lobby fountain at 11am, then back along their red carpet to a private elevator and into their Duck Palace.  It’s cute.  I kept seeing the duck logo all over the hotel, and it was just calling out to be tangled, so I made this duck tangle:


Staring: bales, keeko, shattuck, arrowheads, barberpole, baton, tagh, tortuca, candleglow, vega and some sort of click clack

The background was supposed to be click clack, but in a moment of inattention, I colored in too many of the squares. After I finished my tantrum. . . I knew it had to be finished anyway, so I’m not sure what it is at this point. . . a variation?


a logo on a glass door, this is the one I wanted to tangle


These were painted on the roof below our room.


the Peabody ducks livin’ it up at the lobby fountain


the duck palace, it has a black marble fountain with sculptured duck spigots, they say it cost $100,000usd to build.

Zendala with b’fly

Zendala with b’fly

I had a great afternoon tangling with my sister, nephew and grandnephew. They are all so creative. My nephew has come up with 4 new tangles, my sister has one, and my 11 year old grandnephew came up with one today, too. I’m so glad they’re as hooked on this as I am so we can all appreciate and share each others art.

This zendala was inspired by the butterfly project that we did in Suzanne McNeill’s class last weekend. I used a lot of tangles from Sandy Steen Bartholomew’s book: Yoga for the Brain, because I had it with me and I love her swirly flowers and tangles. Also used watercolor pencils and a butterfly overlay which I bought at Guadalupe’s Stamp Art store in Santa Fe.  I’m hoping to do a bunch of these and put butterflys, flowers, shells etc. on them. Way too much fun.. . . When I was using a wet brush on the pencil in the center, I accidentally got some of the orange on the flower on the outside.  It made me a little upset, and my sister said. . . ‘no mistakes, work with it’ sooo that’s why the flower is colored too.  . .  lesson learned. . . and I kinda like it that way anyway.


a lot of tanlges from Yoga for the Brain, birds on a wire, poke leaf, zinger, zander, widgets, and a few other miscellaneous things. . .

more color!

more color!

I did the background on this zendala with water color pencils, it sat around for a while until I found the right zendala to use, I believe it’s from the Bright Owl.  I finally finished it the other night. The shading doesn’t show up very well, but I like it anyway. . .


water color pencils, starring: coaster, zedbra, dekore, delish, black pearls, and a leaf pattern. . .



i was inspired after the classes this weekend to try some color.  I used some Dylusion spray paints on this tile with rubber cement as a resist.  it came out kind of dark, so used a 03 micron, white gelly roll and a silver glitter gelly roll to brighten it up, although don’t know if it shows up in this pic.  and. . .I’ve been given the mission, should I choose to accept it, to tangle on my husband’s Gibson studio guitar.  oooh a blank white ‘canvas’, scary and exciting at the same time.  Let’s see how long it takes to get started. . .

dylusion spray paint, rubber cement resist, 03 micron, white and silver glitter gelly roll, staring: mooka, mumsy, purq, flux,

dylusion spray paint, rubber cement resist, 03 micron, white and silver glitter gelly roll, staring: mooka, mumsy, purq, flux, a cruffle, leaflet

gibson front

gibson guitar – front

gibson back

Gibson guitar – back

He doesn’t want to see it until it’s finished. . .that’ll be difficult. . . I’ll have to keep him off this blog because I’ll probably post some ‘in progress’ pics as I go along.

missing my daddy. . .

missing my daddy. . .

we’re really missing our daddy today. . . we lost him in december 2006 but it seems like yesterday. . . i love this picture of him with gus. lost him too at age 7, way too young for that boy. he was the best and most beautiful sheltie i’ve ever seen.  so enjoy what you have while you have ’em! love ’em like crazy. happy father’s day!

daddy and gus

daddy and gus