Rixty Challenge

Rixty Challenge

The Diva’s #163 challenge this week is to use the new Official Zentangle: Rixty.  Well, I had an idea that I decided to work on and it came out like this. . . don’t know if I should enhance it, add color, add tangles. . . may play with it a little more and post it later.  So what it looks like to me:  what if Rixty met Tripoli and they got all mashed up in a zendala. . . but I kinda like the ‘optical delusion’ as my daddy would have said. . .


Just used rixty tangle, micron pen and pencil.

Zentangle 101 April 14

Zentangle 101 April 14

Our second Zentangle 101 Class last weekend. . . what a delightful group. We even had a young lady who used the Apprentice tile.


Mosaic of the first tile we did! Every single one is beautiful and has a unique spin to the patterns.

The second tile set. . . seems we didn’t get everyone’s in the picture. . . but we were running a little late and some had to leave right away.


Absolutely awesome!

New tiles and atc

New tiles and atc

We were busy getting ready for the Zentangle 101 class last Saturday, but I got these done before and after the class. The variation of ‘nzeppel on the ATC card was posted on Facebook. Fell in love with the flower look of it. Sorry I can’t remember who to give credit to.


Brown ATC size card using sepia, brown and black micron pens, white graphite, graphite pencils. Tangles include: ‘nzeppel var., dragonair, scrawlz, quipple, and flourish

Linda Farmer’s Tanglepatterns.com had Maria Thomas contribute the 100th string this week and the following tile uses that. . .


Staring: purk, knightscridge, paradox, tipz, bud, flowtus, waft, shattuck, and some zingers.

I was looking at The Beauty of Zentangle for some inspiration and without getting past the contents page, this is what I came up with. . . it really is an inspirational book for tangle designs. . .


Tangles: shattuck, rain, verdigough, poke leaf, cyme, cubine, kings crown and onomato

“Quandary” challenge

“Quandary” challenge

The Diva’s Challenge this week is “in a Quandary about Quandary”.  I have to admit that although I really love this pattern, it and the sort of related, tripoli, are two tangles that I just can’t ‘do’ to my satisfaction. You can see the problem I have in the last post, in the bottom right of Brown and tan 2, my quandary ‘beans’ are all uneven and wonky.  So I was looking at some of the entries for this weeks challenge and am amazed at them. Just beautiful specimens of small rice size pieces, all even and nicely arranged. My quandary just won’t be tamed.   So. . . while looking at a particular one, all nicely neatly lined up and all the same size. . . I decided the only way I could learn this one was to draw it on a grid, which I left in pencil on this tile so you could see it.  You can see that the white quandary was drawn without the grid and is not as neatly spaced as the black on white.  Anyway, here it is. . .


just quandary. . .

Brown and Tan. . .

Brown and Tan. . .

and black and white, too.  Playing around on some tan card stock, larger than a tile, 8.5″ x 6.5″ I think.  Well, it was a learning experience and fun.  Good practice for teaching a class using the Renaissance tile, which use the brown micron along with black.  In these two ZIA’s (zentangle inspired art) I used, brown, sepia, black microns, white gelly roll, white charcoal and graphite pencils. Plus a whole lot of tangle patterns. . .


tangles used: squid, featherfall, ‘nzeppel, florz, phicops, not ricks, yew dee, cruffle.



starring: twentyones, mak ra me, well, chakra, window grilles, betl joos, quandary, mooka, punzel, finery, birds on a wire, paradox, rixty, showgirl, and malacca, with a springle, and a zinger or two . . .  whew!