Lots of new classes for 2015!

Lots of new classes for 2015!

Please check out the Classes page and see all the new classes we have scheduled in January and February.  If you live in the Albuquerque, NM area, we’d love to have you come and join us for a whole lot of fun.  Start with the Basics class and continue all the way through our newest class: Zentangle 601: Renaissance Tiles.  If you have taken at least the ZT101 class, you can join our classes in any order at any time.  We have classes in Santa Fe and Albuquerque westside so far.  Look for classes on the east side coming soon!

The PayPal button has been fixed so that you can now change the quantity if you want to sign up more than one person for a class.

Here’s a tile I did last month.  Happy New Year!!



Zentangle 501 Class – Organic Tangles

Zentangle 501 Class – Organic Tangles

We had a blast Saturday making some Zentangle Gardens.  It was our first 3 hour class and the time went by so fast.  We taught a lot of new tangles, and got started putting them on gray toned Strathmore sketch paper.  Some got farther along than others, but some of the scratch sheets had beautiful drawings on them as well.  Just so pleased to see what everyone has done.  We spent quite a long time putting this class together because we didn’t want to disappoint our wonderful students who have been to all of our classes!  Here’s a pic of the tangled gardens when we made them quit so we could look at all of them together.


Zentnagle Organic Tangle Garden

Looks like the consensus for the next class is Renaissance Tiles.  We’ll do some sepia, black and white on the tan tiles.  Can’t wait to put that one together.  Here’s a sample of what we might do:


This is a very fun look to create, very satisfying.

We are working with Bob’s Sewing and Vacuum to schedule our next ZT101 class so we can get new students interested in the Zentangle method.  But we’ll put this Renaissance class in the schedule soon.  We also have some classes scheduled in Santa Fe starting in January, so please check the Classes page regularly as we update it as new classes are scheduled.

Oh, and hope everyone has a great holiday, however you may celebrate it.  And a wonderful New Year to all.

Great Classes!

Great Classes!

We had a couple of great classes on Saturday, in Santa Fe at Guadalupe’s Fun Rubber Stamps.  Here are the tiles from both classes.  Thanks to all who came!


Zentangle 101-what creativity in the first tile!



Zentangle 101 second tiles- just wow! Look at all the unique takes on the same instruction. Love ‘em!


Zentangle 201- we tried a new technique and used Bijou tiles in a regular tile frame. So much fun!

Keystone – a new tangle

Keystone – a new tangle

Hope all is well with everyone, this week before Thanksgiving (in the US). A lot has been going on lately: just finished one art show last weekend, one more to go this weekend.  If you live in the Albuquerque area, please come and see me, my sister, and some other wonderful artists at Christmas at Clear Light in Placitas, just north of Albuquerque. It’s exit 242 off of I-25, east 7 miles and on the right.  Follow the red signs and you can’t miss us.  There are other shows going on as well, so keep going past them (check them out on the way back), until you reach Clear Light Cedar Co.

So on to the post. I created a tangle called KEYSTONE and have posted the step outs below. It’s a pretty easy one, but seems to me that it lends itself to many variations. So please enhance at will.  I found the basic pattern on a bedspread at a friend’s house. There were many patterns in rows on this throw, but this one called out to be ‘deconstructed’ and turned into a tangle pattern.  Hope you enjoy it, I’d love to see what you do with it.

Here’s the pdf file if you want to download it. . . keystone


Classes with Suzanne McNeill, a “RAZ” and NEW CLASSES!

Classes with Suzanne McNeill, a “RAZ” and NEW CLASSES!

Just a quick post. . . my sister and I spent last Friday in Santa Fe at the Artisan’s Expo at Buffalo Thunder resort.  We took two wonderful classes with Suzanne McNeill, one on Zentangle of course, and one on patina finishes on different medium.  As always, her classes are so much fun.

Zentangle at Artisan Expo

Zentangle class with Suzanne McNeill (center), Karin Tarter (right)

We made a cute little patina sampler book in the second class:

IMG_4222 IMG_4223

We didn’t have time to finish these little sample books, the class was only 3 hours. . . but we learned a lot about how patina works on cloth, papers, floor cloth, copper.  Think we’ll be incorporating some of these finishes in our artwork.

We had lunch before we came home from Santa Fe at Tia Sophias, just off the plaza.  I had purchased a clear glitter gelly roll pen and some end cut card stock at Guadaloupe Fun Rubber Stamps store around the corner and just had to play with them at lunch.  I left it there as my first Random Act of Zentangle.  Hope someone found it and enjoys it. . .


RAZ with mooka, printemps, tipple and a bijou


We visited with Lee Kellogg at Guadalupe’s Fun Rubber Stamps in Santa Fe and it looks like we’ll be teaching some Zentangle classes there! We’re very excited about this.  The first will probably be on December 6, a ZT101class in the morning and ZT201 in the afternoon.

The great people at Bob’s Sewing and Vacuum is again letting us use their wonderful classroom for our ZT501-Organic Tangle Garden class on Saturday Dec. 13.

We’ll be sending out an email update on this and more very soon.