New Tanglers! New Tiles! and New Signs! and a meet-up maybe

New Tanglers! New Tiles! and New Signs! and a meet-up maybe

We have taught a couple of ZT101 classes and a ZT 202 in the past couple of weeks.  Here are the beautiful mosaics from their tiles.  Ages 8 to ??, families, friends.  And all are our wonderful new friends!  We love our students! Just about the best part of teaching ZT is meeting all the special people and making new friends, plus having old friends come back to enjoy learning more about Zentangle.


ZT101-1 8:3:15

Zentangle 101-1 on 8/3/15

ZT101-2 8:3:15

Zentangle 101-2 on 8/3/15

ZT202 8:1:15

Zentangle 202 – Beyond the Basics and Bijou, too! on 8/1/15

You can see in the mosaic above that we didn’t all have time to really finish the frame tile.  We made 3 Bijou tiles with monotangles and shading etc, and got a good start on the frame tile. Linda, one of our students didn’t feel that her tile was finished. You can see the tile she took home, it’s in the bottom right corner of the picture above.  She kindly sent us her finished project here:

Linda Nelson ZT202 8:1:15

Linda’s “After” picture

It’s just beautiful!  Thanks Linda for sending it along.


Karin (Tarter CZTix and my sister) made us new signs to put out where we teach classes.  Hopefully it will be easier to find us with these.  I’m so proud of them, just have to show them off:

ZT Classes sign

Zentangle Classes Here!

AND A MEET-UP! maybe. . . 

We asked a couple of classes if they would like to have an informal Zentangle Meet-up once or twice a month just to get together with like-minded tanglers to visit and tangle for a couple of hours.  We are putting together a list of people interested and will figure out a time and place and let everyone know. Suggestions are welcome.  Let us know when you can make it and if you know of a good place to meet.

Another Great Class!

Another Great Class!
Great Class at Kids Cook!

Great Class at Kids Cook!


ZT101-tile1 7/25/15


ZT101-tile2 7/25/15

Look at these beautiful mosaics of the tiles that our class made! We’re so proud of them! Beautiful!

We had so much fun teaching this class on Saturday. Thanks to Mary for letting us use Kids Cook! location to hold it.  And many thanks to Nancy for all the help setting up.  We can’t wait for the ZT202 class next Saturday. We hope everyone had as good a time as we did!

A ZT202 – Beyond the Basics and Bijou, too class is scheduled for next Saturday at the same location.  Looks like we’re already full for that class.  Watch the Classes page for the schedule to be updated with additional classes.

We’re teaching another ZT101- The Basics class on Monday Aug 3 at Bob’s Sewing on Eubank NE.  It’s looking like that class will be full, too.  But contact us if you’d like to attend and we can put you on the waiting list for this class or another that will be on the schedule soon.

A Wonderful Zentangle 101 Class, a Bear, and some lines. . .

A Wonderful Zentangle 101 Class, a Bear, and some lines. . .

What a great class! In spite of a couple of technical difficulties. . . everyone was so patient and understanding. . . and helpful!  And look at the beautiful tiles they made:

Tile 1

Zentangle101 6/10/15

Tile 2

Zentangle101 6/10/15

It was so cool to have families take our classes together.  It’s something they can all do together even after the class, plus they may want to take additional classes also.  We’re hoping to have some advanced classes scheduled soon.

Here’s a little bit of what I’ve been working on lately.  I found this sweet bisque bear at Target and It called out to me to take him home and tangle him. . . I think he’s done. . . never really sure.  Waiting for him to say.

bear 1

Bear 2015

bear 2

Bear 2

bear 3

Bear 3

bear 4

Bear 4

and another piece. . . on a 5 x 5 artist board 7/8″ thick.  I have really been enjoying drawing lines lately, almost completely filled a small journal with tangles of just lines, some like this.  For some reason, it’s very satisfying. And I think it’s good practice for many tangles, it loosens up the hand, reminds me to draw slowly and think about every line I’m making. Try it and let me know what you think.


Lots of news!

Lots of news!

It’s been a while since I posted.  A lot of things have happened, some good, some not so much. . . so I want to talk about some of the good things!  We had a special class on Saturday, a family of 3 generations!  and some friends, old and new attended our Zentangle 101- The Basics in Bernalillo, NM at a new venue for us. As usual, we got so caught up in teaching and seeing the wonderful tiles they were creating that we forgot to take pictures of the class, but we did get pics of the tile mosaics and here they are:

Tile 1

Tile 1-ZT101

The youngest students were 9 and 10, sisters. It was just amazing to watch them take to Zentangle. As always, the mosaic of all the tiles is so much fun to see, for us and for the class.

The second tile:

Tile 2

Tile 2 – ZT101

We can’t wait to introduce them to Bijou, Black tiles, Renaissance tiles and organic tangles in future classes. Imagine what the mosaics of those classes will look like.

On another nice note:  I was fortunate to be accepted into two juried art shows in March and April.  In Placitas, I was able to hang 23 Zentangle pieces for the month.  Here’s a picture of me with a few of the pieces at the artists’ reception.


Four of my pieces were also accepted into MasterWorks of NM juried art show, which was quite a wonderful surprise. The show hung in Albuquerque for the month of April, and much to my surprise again, one piece was awarded a 3rd place prize in the Miniature Pen & Ink category.