3-d Class with Suzanne McNeill

3-d Class with Suzanne McNeill

It was a great class.  We made these wonderful 3-d flowers using new tangles that Suzanne walked us through.  Then we colored and layered them.  Some even had time to put them on the peek-a-boo cards and get them ready to add leaves and stems.


Suzanne McNeill

3-d Zentangle Flowers

3-d Zenangle Flowers

Class Picture

Class Picture

New Class Schedule Added. . .

New Class Schedule Added. . .

We have been very busy lately.  In April we attended Tangle U in Portland, Maine where we were overwhelmed with new ideas and techniques for Zentangle Inspired Art.  We can’t wait to assimilate all this wonderful and colorful information into new Zentangle classes for you.

So. . . after way too long. . . we have finally updated our class offerings from June thru Sept.  Please jump to the Classes page and see the new class schedule.  There are ‘The Basics’ classes, White on Black, Zentangle Blues, Journal Making, Meet-Ups and more. All of our classes are in Albuquerque at Scraps Galore (except one ZT101 class in Santa Fe).  We are offering classes during the week as well as weekends to fit your busy summer schedules.  Come and learn Zentangle with us.  It will make your summer even better.

Special Announcement:  We have Suzanne McNeill coming this Saturday June 11 to teach her FloraBunda techniques at our Meet-up at Scraps Galore.  We are so fortunate to have her, and seating is limited to 20. Advance registration is required.  Suzanne McNeill is a CZT, artist, author of more than 20 Zentangle books.  There were a couple of seats left, and a waiting list as of Saturday June 4.  So call Scraps Galore soon and reserve your space:  505-858-1080


Dennie and Karin with Suzanne McNeill (center) at Artisan Expo in 2014

New “GemTangle” Class!

New “GemTangle” Class!

Want to learn how to make these beautiful GemTangles with just your basic Zentangle kit and some colored pencils? It’s easy, just sign up for our GemTangles class on April 2 at Scraps Galore. Go to the Classes page for all the info.  Hurry tho, class size is limited.  We will provide you with the supplies to make one or more GemTangles of your very own!IMG_0903 IMG_0800 IMG_0832



Last year we finally got our business license for our llc:  ShadeTree Tangles.  We’ve changed the website of ‘dentangles’ to ShadeTree Tangles in order to keep everything in the same place.  So when you look for www.dentangles.com or shadetreetangles.com you will be directed here, at least for the foreseeable future.  At some point we may find time and energy to put up a brand new website.  Our classes are still here on the classes page.  And news will be posted here a little more regularly we hope!

Speaking of classes. . . we just met with Scraps Galore! and have times set for a bunch of new classes between now and June.  Watch for them to be posted soon.  All kinds of classes will be offered from beginner to advanced.  The only pre-requisite we have is that you take a ZT101 – The Basics class before any of our other classes.

We have been listening and know that you all want a Zentangle Meet-Up to meet with other Zentangle enthusiasts like yourselves and just work on projects, ask questions, learn new tangles, etc. So we are scheduling a time for that each month as well.  It will be shown on the classes page, although it’s not actually a class.  We will be there to help, answer questions, visit and catch up.  We hope you will bring projects to work on as well as to inspire all of us.

There have been a number of classes since the last post here. As time permits, we will post some pictures so you can see the beautiful work that has been done in classes from 101 to Organics.

Keep Tangling!

Your czts:  Karin & dennie

Wonderful Zendalas!

Wonderful Zendalas!

Last week we had a very nice Zendala class with some of our regular students. They created beautiful zendalas on both white and black tiles.

Zendala class

Lovely ladies and beautiful classroom at ScrapsGalore in Albuquerque

Zendala 1

Zendala 1 Black on White

Zendala 2

Zendala 2 White on Black with some sparkle

I am fortunate to have some of my Zentangle work hanging in four places right now: Home @ the Range Gallery in Bernalillo, NM; Placitas Artist Series at the Presbyterian Church in Placitas, NM; St Marks Episcopalian Church in Albuquerque, NM for their Small Works show; and at the NM Art League in Albuquerque, NM for their Biologique show.

Here are a couple of pics:

PAS Nov 2015

Placitas Artist Series



With my friend, artist, tangler Carolyn at the NM Art League-Biologique Show. She did the lovely nautilus on the left and I did the little feather on black. I’m on the left, Carolyn behind me.

Biologique Nov 2015

Standing next to another tangle piece at the NM Art League Biologique show.

Please check the Classes page for all the new classes:  ZT101, ZT701 on Fabric, ZT-Holiday Mini-Workshop, ZT De-stress Workshop, ZT601-Organics  All these wonderful classes are scheduled between this Saturday Nov 7 and Jan 16. Hurry and sign up to reserve your space.