Class Update!! Mucho Fun!!

Class Update!! Mucho Fun!!

Look at what we did on Saturday! We (my sister and I) taught 11 students from age 8 to 70-something, how to tangle with white gelly roll pens onto black Zentangle tiles.  We reviewed some tangles they had learned previously on the first tile shown here:

White on Black - Tile #1

White on Black – Zentangle 301

And, taught a few new tangles on the second tile:

Zentangle 301 - Tile #2

White on Black – Zentangle 301

Click on these pics to see them larger.  Our tiles are mixed in with the rest of the class.  It’s just amazing how everyone really took to this media.  I just hope they all had as much fun as we did! Now. . . what do we do next?  Renaissance Tiles?  Zendalas?  Organic Gardens?

Zentangle 101 – a wonderful class!

Zentangle 101 – a wonderful class!

We had a great time teaching ZT101 again at Bob’s Sewing and Vacuum in Albuquerque last Saturday.  Here are the results:

Beautiful tiles by 4 beautiful women (and ours too)

Beautiful tiles by 4 beautiful ladies (and ours too)

It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen this, I just love how everyone has their own take on the patterns, the instruction.  Each is unique, just as every person we meet is a unique world unto themselves.  It makes me want to get to know them and find out their story. . . everyone has a story! And it’s usually very interesting!

Duotangle: Mooka & Auraknot

Duotangle: Mooka & Auraknot

Loved this Diva challenge #172. Don’t get to use auraknot very often and love the look of these two tangles together. I did a simple one on a Strathmore Artist Tile which is 4″ x 4″.

Auraknot & Mooka

Diva challenge #172 Duotangle: auraknot, mooka

Here are a couple more things I’ve done lately. Nothing spectacular ( as if I ever do anything spectacular). Just back to the basics of Zentangle: white tiles, border, string, and fill with tangles without much planning. This is the best and most relaxing, calming way to use the Zentangle method. It just works!

Tile 2

Tangles used: btl joos, beadlines, knustler, fobrayd, huggins, zonked, providence


Starring: hypnotic, diva dance-rock n roll, flux, shattuck, dragonair, ixorus, chartz, leaflet

And if you can stand one more… This is done with 01 Micron on a 6″x6″ clay board. My first time with this. It really pulls the ink from the pen and you have to let it dry or it smears. The inspiration for this tile came from a very talented CZT Meredeth Yuhas, PHD. I still want to work on this one a bit with shading and maybe a splash of color.


“Happy” and then some. . .

“Happy” and then some. . .

So glad that Erin is back, at least for a while with her Zendala Dare. This week it is to do what makes us happy. . . with Zentangle that is.  I had purchased 6 new Sakura Gelly Roll fine line pens at Artisan last week and wanted to try them out. It made me happy to play with them, but the zendala. . . well that’s another story. I was working in front of my computer, it was getting dark and I was too lazy, or let’s say engrossed in the drawing, to get up and turn on a light. So that’s my excuse for the poor line drawings and lack of fill on some parts.  More than once I picked up a purple or dark blue pen when I thought I had the black one. Anyway, you should head over to The Bright Owl’s blog (Erin’s Zendala Dare site) and see what everyone else has created, much more beautiful than this one. . .


Happy Zendala starring: kuke, paradox, web, bales, borbz, beadlines, jelly roll, clothesline, zebra.


and for the ‘then some’. . .

impossible triangle

Impossible triangle: with voga, cruffle, ‘nzeppel, copada, and jessicup.

the above ZIA was done on a white tile. I used black microns, grey fabrico pen, a touch of gold metallic and silver metallic gelly roll pens and a couple of colored pentel pens.

and lastly, a work in progress. Think I will color part of the ‘bowls’ and put a background behind them. The pattern for the ‘bowls’ is called pots and pans. there’s another very similar called ‘stitches’ (for stacked dishes). There have been a couple of really beautiful drawings lately using this pattern and I used them as inspiration for this little tile.


work in progress. . . I’ll post the final if it ever gets finished.


(half)circles as strings

(half)circles as strings

The Diva’s challenge #169 is to use circle(s) as strings.  This one was finished a few days ago and uses the edge of a zendala tile to make the strings. . . does that count?  half circles?  Hey, I used a circle to make the circles. . . ha! Well, if I get another one finished this week I’ll post it, too.  The second tile was done a few months ago, in the style of one I saw and admired while spending way too much time surfing the web rather than making my own art! It almost came out the way I envisioned. . . that hardly ever happens.


starring: cruffle, meer, footlites, buttercup, zander, paradox, beadlines. and there’s a little line of a zigzag filler, I’m not sure it has a name.


ok, i’m not going to name them all, a few are coaster, zander, buttercup, copada, web.

Thanks for checking in. . . and special thanks to those who take time to leave me a comment!! Makes my day!